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I am a born and raised Canadian that has recently moved to New Jersey from Toronto.  Since I can remember, I have always had a desire to help others.  It began at an early age volunteering with physically and mentally challenged children when I was in grade school.   I moved on later to a group home with severely autistic and schizophrenic (and often aggressive) children, whilst I was in high school.  This helped determine my course in Post-Secondary Education where I chose a double major in Psychology and Sociology and obtained a Bachelors of Science, Honours degree from the University of Toronto. 


I worked as a Behaviour Therapist and eventually had to take a break due to the Emotional Stress.  While I was working in a completely different field (Corporate Sales for American Express), I still had the innate desire to help and heal others.  I decided to begin with myself.  I began to take time for yoga classes, meditation, self-reflection and my husband treated me to my first Reiki Treatment.  I was immediately amazed and curious!  I had to know how this treatment was able to make time seemingly stand still, how was it that I felt so relaxed, how was it that everything in my life seemed to just “flow” after that session?  So, I took my first Level Reiki course to find out.  


I was consistently amazed at the beauty and healing powers of this energy based hands on therapy.  Six months later, I went on to study for my Level II and learned the art of distance Reiki and Emotional Healing.  This became a time of intense emotional healing of my childhood (divorced parents, absent father) with my Reiki Master.  I loved the homework so much, that I paralleled this learning with a Spiritual Psychotherapy course which taught me about helping others work through “stuck” areas of their lives.  I realized that this cognitive emotional and mental healing paired with the energetic and spiritual healing of Reiki was a sort of magical combination that was transforming the lives of my clients who were coming to me with a multitude of complaints both psychological and physical. 


I obtained my Master/Teacher level in Reiki and began the wonderful journey of teaching as well. It was over the following few years that I obtained certifications in Reflexology, (both Traditional and Thai) a certification in Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Three levels of Hot Stone Massage, Ion Foot Detox, Tapping, Gua Sha (meridian scraping) and Cupping.  It was my greatest honour to work with my clients and guide them through different levels of healing towards their own self-actualization and healing on mental, spiritual emotional and physical levels.  I witnessed highly stressed, depressed, angry, physically and emotionally stuck men and women, completely turn their lives around for the better.  I had a thriving Holistic Healing Centre based just outside of Toronto for the last 10 years. 


Though it was incredibly hard to leave my long time clients behind, I can’t contain my excitement at the prospect of starting all over again. I am look forward to providing a multitude of services to the wonderful community of Central New Jersey, Hunterdon County, and Clinton/Flemington area.  These services are aimed at balancing, centering, and grounding mind, body and spirit, allowing for a greater sense of self, peace of mind and self love.



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